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Recent Tweets

"Your provision is connected to your perspective." Pastor @stevenfurtick https://t.co/37eAC9iu1I

 2 hours ago via @elevationchurch

"Opposition provides an opportunity for the presence of God to be proven in your life." Pastor Steven Furtick

 6 hours ago via @elevationchurch

"Forget not His faithfulness, but forget the form it came in." Pastor Steven Furtick (See Isaiah 43:18-19)

 18 hours ago via @elevationchurch

"God is not intimidated by your request for more." Pastor @stevenfurtick (see Ephesians 3:20)

 20 hours ago via @elevationchurch

Watch this weekend's sermon, "Barriers To Blessings," by clicking here: https://t.co/67nqaxScCz #ThereIsACloud https://t.co/Nx8VN2Ro1j

 Yesterday via @elevationchurch

"Could it be that you’re asking God for more blessings, but haven’t yet accessed all that He has already given you?" Pastor Steven Furtick

 Yesterday via @elevationchurch

We're LIVE for week 3 of #ThereIsACloud right now. Click here to join: https://t.co/agxur8VRU5

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

Are you ready for church today? Because church is ready for YOU!
Join our #eFam and tune in live NOW at… https://t.co/VQG3WG2Gub

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

"Don't allow yourself to be complacent in an atmosphere of worship. Your next level may be one praise away." Pastor @stevenfurtick

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

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