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Recent Tweets

Mediocrity says, "I might." Victory says, "I will."Mediocrity says, "I might." Victory says, "I will."

 6 hours ago via @elevationchurch

"Just because it didn't happen the way you wanted doesn't mean God isn't working." Pastor @stevenfurtick

 Yesterday via @elevationchurch

"It takes faith to see your victory before you fight your battle." Pastor @stevenfurtick

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

"Pretending is pointless. God is in love with the real you." Pastor @stevenfurtick

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

Watch this weekend's sermon, "What You See Is What You Get," from Lake Norman Campus Pastor Chad Hampton here:… https://t.co/YDaW8QiUjS

 2 days ago via @elevationchurch

Watch the full sermon, "The Drop Zone," here: https://t.co/F2ruawpWF1 https://t.co/i36pPNOUML

 3 days ago via @elevationchurch

Happy Father's Day! Whether you have a dad, a dad bod, or a dad hat - get to church this morning!… https://t.co/ED9VxNAHxT

 4 days ago via @elevationchurch

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