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Recent Tweets

"If you resist the monotonous, you'll miss the miraculous." Pastor @stevenfurtick

 just now via @elevationchurch

Don't forget! We're broadcasting an exclusive night of worship at 7:00PM (EST) featuring music from… https://t.co/1GhobQzqcp

 3 hours ago via @elevationchurch


 4 hours ago via @elevationchurch

@VINCENTisLAW @GooglePlayMusic Hi, Vincent! Here you go: https://t.co/KqMkWttTqV

 6 hours ago via @elevationchurch

Are you a Waymaker?
Series begins November 4-5. #IAmAWaymaker https://t.co/9rf0mWcF35

 11 hours ago via @elevationchurch

Looking for a cozier vibe for fall, but still want to keep @elevation_wrshp on your playlist? Click here:… https://t.co/0gEHyobHlK

 12 hours ago via @elevationchurch

"What if great strength is always born out of great sorrow?" Pastor @stevenfurtick

 21 hours ago via @elevationchurch

God exposes sin, not to shame us, But to change us. https://t.co/tc3nGFfR6J

 23 hours ago via @elevationchurch

We are broadcasting an exclusive night of worship on Twitter to celebrate the release of our FIRST ACOUSTIC ALBUM!… https://t.co/WTePUpJTcx

 23 hours ago via @elevationchurch

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